We invite you to join us for a Goma or workshop. Below is our contact information and all the ways in which you can become involved.

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Fudosan Kongo-Ji Temple

Mailing Address:

520 White Plains Rd #500

Tarrytown, NY. 10591

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Please contact us for more information and directions

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Participate in the Goma

Fu Do ShinThere are several ways to become involved with our Goma:

1) Attend a Goma
2) Request a Wish
3) Request a Dedicated Goma
4) Purchase Omamori Amulets
5) Assist with a Goma
6) Make a Donation

Please contact us for more information and directions


Attending a Goma

We invite all faiths and backgrounds to share our ceremony with us by attending a Goma in Connecticut. Though the Goma is a Shingon fire ritual, you don't need to be Buddhist or religious at all to attend. We have people of many faiths, Western (Judeo-Christian and Native American) and Eastern who regularly participate. It's a wonderful way to connect spiritually and share meaningful time with a community regardless of your faith or belief system.

If there is a wish or desire you have, you may write that on the wood that is offered. In many cases, people have amazing results very quickly with wishes they request through the fire as the Goma is a powerful form of manifestation magic.


Requesting a Wish

If you cannot attend but want to request a wish, please contact us and we'll be sure it is included in the Goma.


Requesting a Dedicated Goma

It is also possible to arrange a Goma to be done on your behalf or dedicated to a single purpose or wish that you have. Such purposes may include but are not limited to clearing obstacles, attracting abundance/wealth, healing, attracting love, protection, etc. Please contact us to arrange.


Goma Amulets

Fu Do ShinWe offer omamori amulets that carry the protective energy of the Goma.These amulets can also be charged for a specific individual purpose. More information is here


Becoming an Assistant

We are looking for assistants as the preparation for each Goma is very involved. Assistants help with the preparation, participate in chanting during the Goma, and assist in cleanup as well as helping guests when they arrive.

And of course we can always use donations as materials and preparation for the ritual are very expensive!


Meditation Instruction

We also offer meditation and recitation instruction as well as several events/ceremonies throughout the year.. Please contact for information.

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