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Fu Do Shin

This beautiful calligraphy was given to us by the Shingon master, Reverend Jomyo Tanaka to be used to share the Goma ceremony with others. The characters spell out "Fudo-Shin," the meaning is to have the heart of resolute immoveable spirit that radiates wisdom and compassion.

Fudosan Kongo-Ji is a temple in Vermont with branches in Las Vegas and San Francisco. We conduct a monthly sacred fire ceremony, provide meditation instruction, funeral services, house/space clearings, etc and we can do offsite fire ceremonies and dedicated ceremonies for special wishes.

Goma Fire Ceremony

On or near the 28th of each month, we perform the traditional Japanese fire ritual known as "Goma." Most cultures make use of sacred fire and our Goma is an esoteric rite brought to Japan from ancient India. For millennia, it has been a powerful vehicle for burning away obstacles on the path to enlightenment, honoring the divine, and manifesting wishes and desires.

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