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Fu Do Shin May our humble Goma be acceptable to the divine beings and may they guide and assist us in our spiritual work.

May our Goma represent our teacher and our Shingon lineage as authentically and truly as possible. It is only made possible by the generosity and support of the Master Rev. Jomyo Tanaka. His extraordinary life, gentle encouragement, wisdom, and humor is an inspiration to all. In November of 2008, Sensei encouraged us to build this website and expand our Goma and in September 2009, he gave us the name "Fudosan Kongo-Ji" meaing Diamond Temple of Fudo Mountain. So this project then, is dedicated to him and his work to spread the esoteric teachings to the West. It is very rare to encounter such an evolved teacher in one’s lifetime and Rev. Tanaka is the living example of all that the teachings are meant to be.

Gan Ni Shi Kudoku

Fu Gyo O Issai

Gato Yo Shujo

Kai Gujo Butsu Do

May any merit generated by our practice be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings so that together we can attain incomparable enlightenment.